Wetlands of Namibia

Namibia, not all about deserts, this is our amazing wetlands.  Chobe Namibia,  Katima Mulilo, Okavango Panhandle, Okavango West,  Kasane,  Kwando, Okavango Rundu, Victoria Falls Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls Zambia.

Kwando River, Caprivi e-visit Namibia

Picture gallery of the Kwando River, Caprivi, Namibia Scenic Landscape, river banks, wildlife, birds. Paradise !  Click on avatar for more info about the Kwando

Hentiesbay, perfect for the school holidays.

August is the perfect time to take the family for a quick break to the coast. Fishing,  self drive 4×4 routes, pubbing, relaxing,  enjoy the beautiful scenery, spent some quality time together.