Dunes of Sossusvlei

Sossusvlei Namibia,

One of the most visited sites in #Namibia, and you can easily see why. 



 Not to missed on your visit to #Namibia, yah, the #Desert is hot, hot, hot, but you still want to #DoIt 

Remember to wear comfortable clothes and shoes, sunhat, sunscreen ets( the stuff you know) 

Some advice, don’t pack this #activity into one day. There are soooooo much to #expierance and little #animals to spot. Do take some cold beer/water with, or enjoy at one of the surrounding establishments, ranging from the very high-end to backpackers and camping places.  

Why its called “Deadvlei” ? – Dead pan – carbon-dated 500-600 million years old.



Tourists enjoying the WATER at Sossusvlei, a rare sight, only in good rain seasons, much appreciated!
Feeling Small ? No matter the state of your body or fitness, you just have to go climb one of those stunning #dunes.
The small things, that makes trip much more memorable, take some time.

3 thoughts on “Dunes of Sossusvlei

  1. Deadvlei is not 500 million years old? I think you mean 500 years.

    The entire Namib Sand Sea is less than 5 million years old. Even the Tsondap Sandstone is only 20 million and the breakup of gondwana 130m.

    Deadvlei still has dead trees, still standing. Even there, within a couple thousand years that will all be gone. In fact I’ve found bushmen pottery at Deadvlei.


      1. I agree. There is a lot of poor info on Sossusvlei area, but it is a fascinating place to get to know properly and certainly one of the most beautiful spots in the country.


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