Keetmanshoop, famous for fossils and giants.

Visit Keetmanshoop, Namibia at Z48.

Keetmanshoop, usually visited on your way to South Africa or the Fish River Canyon,  take some time to explore the surrounding area, you will be surprised.

The Mesosaurus is probably one of the most convincing examples to prove the drifting of continents. The same genus in the same rock formations are found in Southern Africa and South America. Well preserved fossils can be seen on a guided tour conducted by Giel & Hendrik Steenkamp, who passionately share their information with their visitors and they can play some music on that musical rocks, you won’t believe.

The rocks, part of the Giant’s Playground, a vast pile of large dolerite rocks, looking like the Giant’s of yesteryear were just playing around, piling a few blocks on top of each other.

You will also find the Quiver Tree Forest around here, about 250 specimens of Aloe dichotoma, a species of aloe that is also locally known as “quiver tree” (Afrikaans: kokerboom) because  the bushmen use its branches to make quivers. The forest is spontaneous and the tallest quiver trees are two to three centuries old.  Visit a local sheep farmer and enjoy the beautiful sunsets of Keetmanshoop.

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