‘I’d rather be Tiger Fishing’

By Guest Blogger : Lara Farrow

It is a little known fact that people who fish are more relaxed and when it comes down to it, is there any better way to unwind than cruising the calming waters of the mighty Zambezi River, searching for the elusive Tigerfish? 

Situated on the banks of the Upper Zambezi River in Namibia’s legendary Caprivi Strip, a short drive from The Chobe National Park and the world famous Victoria Falls, lies Kalizo Lodge which is unquestionably the heart of any great adventure.  And the mother of all adventures has to be Tiger fishing.

The Tigerfish (Hydrocynus Vittatus), is a fierce predator and a renowned sports fish, and for all anglers, from novice to the highly experienced, a most satisfying catch.   Tiger fishing is a combination of intense relaxation and total exhilaration. 

From lazily trolling along the calming waters of the Zambezi to the hype and excitement of a strike, Tiger Fishing is certainly a fishermen’s delight.

Kalizo Lodge is surrounded by floodplains and this section of river is superb for fishing due to the annual floods which create a total renewal of the entire system thus providing the fish with an abundance of food.

Armed with your fishing rod and one of our experienced fishing guides, who assess a number of conditions and factors daily to ensure you, are taken to the best possible spots on the river, you will not be disappointed.   

Whilst Tiger fishing is one of the main reasons to stay at Kalizo Lodge, it certainly is not the only reason.   From breathtaking sunsets, remarkable bird-life and picturesque scenery there are many incentives for visiting this extraordinary part of Namibia.

Kalizo Lodge is about to launch a ‘not to be missed’ special fishing package for 2016.  For more information, email the bookings team at info@kalizolodge.com or visit their website www.kalizolodge.com.

Text by Lara Farrow



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