Scenic Road, Noordoewer to Brukkaros Crater, via Fish River Canyon Park, West.

Why do we want to travel the back roads? We are human, we are curios, we are travellers, we want to explore ! Maybe you see something that nobody else had ever seen before. The landscape, the wildlife and the seasons keep on changing and so does the scenery. So let's take the back roads …

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Desert flowers of the Swakop River Valley, Namibia.

 Desert plants, different rock formations and delicate little flowers, scenes so pure and beautiful, you'll want to come back time and again. Visit Swakop River Valley Zone 9, Namibia.

Namibia, Explore Waterberg National Park.

  Visit the  Waterberg Area Z 18 , Namibia   Accommodation, (from Luxury Lodges to Camping), Hiking trails, Wildlife, Birding, Game drives, and more.  Click on the link for more info.     

Namibia, Off the Beaten Track

Namibia, the perfect Self Drive Destination  With more than 75 Tourism Attraction Zones, all over the country, there are surely a lot of self drive routes in between.  From tarred roads to two-track dirt roads.  Guessing where to steer the front wheel, exploring, wondering if you are the only car on the route today.  That …

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Desert of fantasy, Namib Naukluft Park.

 Fantasy world in one of the oldest deserts, Namib Naukluft Park Camp at Blutkopje, stay as long as possible. Enjoy the sunsets, the  stars at night, a full moon so bright, you don't need light.. and serene silence. * (Extracts from: Secret Namibia - by Lily & Marcel Jouve, published by Random House Struik) *"the …

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