Desert of fantasy, Namib Naukluft Park.

 Fantasy world in one of the oldest deserts, Namib Naukluft Park

Camp at Blutkopje, stay as long as possible. Enjoy the sunsets, the  stars at night, a full moon so bright, you don’t need light.. and serene silence.

* (Extracts from: Secret Namibia – by Lily & Marcel Jouve, published by Random House Struik)

*“the impression is of stepping into work of some surrealist painter; here you will encounter Max Ernst’s sharp-beaked bird, there the silent scream of the tormented soul by Edvard Munch. Further along, the imagination conjures an elephant with its trunk rooted to a rock, a bird frozen in flight, a snake revealing its threatening fangs, a skull with disturbing teeth, a wave at the point of breaking, the dwelling of a troglodyte. Elsewhere the rock becomes lace, spider webs and hieroglyphics; it becomes poetry and enchants with thousands of stories. These ‘sculptures’, created by the combined effect of wind, sand and chemical erosion, have magical character”.

Please visit Where To Stay for more info.

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