Meeting Pride, the Cheetah.

Meeting Pride, the Cheetah. 

Pride was born on May 1, 2006 in Harnas Wildlife Foundation’s wild cheetah enclosure. She grew up in Marieta’s kitchen with Trust the lion.

In 2009, Pride started on a soft release program in the Lifeline and the Harnas Research Program was founded. She was fitted with a VHF collar and released daily into the Lifeline and collected every evening. She showed very quickly that although she was hand raised, instincts never die. Her prey captures ranged from warthogs to juvenile kudu and her progress proved she was fit enough for a fulltime release. Her VHF collar was swapped with a GPS so her movements could be remotely tract between sightings and on June 12, 2010 Pride was released fully. It didn’t take long for her to ‘settle in’ and she took down a large Springbok within the first hour of her release.  

click Harnas Wildlife Foundation, the story of Pride

finding pride pride

When visiting Harnas Wildlife Foundation, Derek ask if we would like to meet Pride the next day.

After the morning drive, having met the lions, wild dogs, leopards and baboons, we were off to find Pride.

I must tell you, I did not know what to expect. We drive around the veld for some time, the guide finding the signal of her location. Satisfied that we were close enough, we jumped of the vehicle and walk into the veld. She was lying in the shade of a tree, resting.



pride the cheetahAt first approach, I was a bit scared, Pride just overwhelmed us with her presence, calm and very sure of herself.pride daan

The guide told us that she was hunting in the morning…Caught herself a warthog for breakfast….

pride bpride a


 She’s getting the smell of me, approving I hope.

pride c                             

We start the conversation…..                                                                                                                                                                                    and she’s telling me a few secrets, of being a “wild cat” and all that. (just joking!)


The experience was amazing, realizing this wild animal is allowing us to be part of her life, the life of a cheetah in the Kalahari, Namibia.

For more about Harnas Wildlife Foundation and the amazing work they do, visit them at  

Harnas Wildlife Foundation



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