Visiting a cultural Village and Homestead @ Owamboland


Adventure and Staying : @ the Etosha Region

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24 24_Owamboland


Ongula Village Homestead Lodge

  • The Setting…
    We arrive in the heat of the moment (always hot here) but I mean at the opening ceremony with al the who’s who being there. Midday, in Owamboland. 


The Crowd…
The Ladies wear the most beautiful bright pink dresses     (traditional) and everybody was in a festival mood. Soon the “Lady of the house” offered to show us the rooms…. you would not believe it. Stylish, modern, luxury in a “hut”



  • The Vibe…  
    The most interesting part was yet to come, after the ceremony they took us around the homestead. Explaining the ways of food storing, everyday living,  hierarchy of living and other cultural activities.

Image00044 Image00063 Image00066






Meeting the people and learning their ways, was an eye-opener. Seems they don’t want to be, or at, anything other. Content with life as it is.   

Image00074 Image00071 Image00085 Image00042


Image00008  Image00046

Did I mention the traditional food, the “running chicken” and ……., nope, not gonna tell it all, you have to GO and experience it yourself.

 Go to Owamboland and make time to broaden your horizons !    
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