Rhino tracking by foot at Otjiwa Lodge Namibia

Omatoko Mountains
Omatako mountains

Remember World Rhino Day 22 September 2014

Adventure : @ The Etosha Region

We are around here…                                 
Map Zone 18                            Click on Avatar for Info.. 
Zone 18


Tracking White Rhino by foot at Otjiwa Lodge.

  • The Setting…

    Otjiwa Lodge is situated just 35km south of Otjiwarongo on the main road B1, in the beautiful region of the Omatako Mountains. They offer accommodation from Luxury Chalets and Self Catering, to Conferencing and Camping.

2009 Otjiwa (359)

Activities include Game drives, conservation educational, bird watching,mountain biking and… RHINO tracking by foot!

Sounds awesome. Since were having a teenager in our midst, there’s no turning back.

Drop off
  • The Crowd…

    Very excited, we drive off with the guides to the drop off  Zone, adrenaline building up… asking questions, thinking about your sins… what if … what to do… Just stand very still the guides advise. What ? Standing still while Rhino is charging ? Everybody laughs, kind of  nervously, don’t worry.

z18 (171)
Termite Nest

Would a termite nest be hard enough to stop a Rhino, they can’t see that good, smell very good, planning my escape, but what about my loved ones? Everyone for himself now. 


  • The Vibe…  

    It is hot, no wind, good conditions,  the Rhinos won’t smell us from a distance. The guides move to the forward position.  We find the tracks. Rhino tracks..

z18 (165)
Rhino tracks
z18 (170)
Rhino tracking


Reino takes the lead, just behind the guides(teenagers) I follow a bit hesitating.. Daan needs to take the pictures.




z18 (134)
Rhino at a distance
z18 (144)
Rhino spot us

We spot them at a distance, harts pounding, legs won’t co-operate. 

We, motionless, they snuffing the air. Hearts trembling with fear,(can they hear that, smell the fear?)

Just a little bit closer….

z18 (149)
A bit closer….. Warning Rhino
z18 (160)
Charging Rhino

Suddenly.. they charge!  Yes, we have survived, no photo fixing , note the blur please!

The guides know their limits and are very experienced.

Certainly an adrenaline packed adventure, coming close to nature, facing your fear, admiring these majestic, ancient animals, realizing how special they are. Yes, we must do everything possible to protect the Rhino or our children will never meet them in such a special way.

Thank you to Otjiwa and their team for such a wonderful adventure. definitely an activity to put on your bucketlist when visiting Northern Namibia.

  • Contact Details…Piet (Manager) or Reception desk at  

Otjiwa Lodge

Remember World Rhino Day 22 September 2014

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