Cosdef Arts & Crafts Centre, Swakopmund.

On the outskirts of Swakopmund,  you will find the Cosdef Arts and Craft Centre, Yambeke Restaurant,  Conference facilities and an open air Theatre. Catering services are on offer, Food stalls and several established Craft shops and SME units are in operation.

You will find this a very well organised Centre, which serves as a value-added outlet for arts and craft products from local producers around the country.









Real hand-made Namibian Arts and Crafts, such as handbags, key-rings, jewellerygemstones, paintings and Hand woven rugs, to metion but a few. Exclusive Namibian cosmetics and food products, like the !Nara oil products from the Kuiseb Delta will certainly interest the health conscious.



Safe Parking, clean restrooms and no street sellers, contribute to an inviting atmosphere,  safe for Tourists and Travellers alike.


COSDEF is a registered trust coordinating, supporting and supervising the various Community Skills Development Centres (COSDECs) that provide competency based skills training to various communities throughout Namibia, primarily for youth and the previously disadvantaged groups to assist them in partaking in economic development activities.

Click here for contact details : Cosdef Arts and Crafts. 

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