Jeep Road Trip Feb 2017 – Rain, Lilies and Desert Rivers.


When it rains in the Desert of Namibia, everybody want’s to go on a Roadtrip and even more so when  nature’s miracles start happening, like the “Lilies” of Sandhof, flowers erupting from a dry desert pan when all conditions are perfect. Namibia is a scenic country and every backroad promise the possibility of wildlife and spectacular scenery, 4×4 trips, very easy when you drive Jeep!

 Here we introduce you to one of the possible self drive routes. Find every Zone on our Travel Planner and start planning your Trips!

Z 1 Windhoek NE  via Z32 Kalkrand, Z73 Malthöhe, Z45 Namib Naukluft Mountains ,     

 Z44 Sossus/Sesriem, Z43 Sossus North.

Below you will find a google map and a slideshow of a stunning Road Trip.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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